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Visual Sales Enablement

Marketers can visually centralize content in one place so that sales teams can easily find, present and share it. They can also track how salespeople use it to close deals and identify pieces that lead to new business. The end result is more brand control, more effective content and better marketing ROI.

All your Content in One Location

Bringing together your marketing collateral into a single unified place is extremely helpful for busy sales teams. This ensures the right version is getting out to the field at the right time, all the common file formats are easily accessible, even 3D models.

enhatch branding

enhatch branding

Deliver an Agency Quality Brand Experience

Prospects and Customers immerse themselves in your content through a branded experience and sales teams deliver personalized and account focused content specific to their audience.

Share Content Anytime, Anywhere

During a prospective pitch or customer meeting, the rep is able to bookmark and share content specific to the conversation. But not just files, entire branded collections of content designed to match your brand.

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enhatch analytics

Visibility Into the Sales Journey

For Marketers, gain deep insight into what collateral is being shown as part of the sales process. For Sales reps, see how and when prospects are engaging with content to keep deals moving forward.

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