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Mobile Sales Enablement

With mobile sales enablement from Enhatch, marketing teams are able to control content while sales reps using the app in the field provide a consistent branded experience to prospects every time.

Via offline syncing, teams have continuous access to the most up-to-date collateral. With a custom appearance to fit your brand, reps can engage prospects with collateral that is always the right fit for the conversation, with clarity and consistency.

Why Mobile Sales Enablement?

Distributing sales collateral to a field sales team has many obstacles.

Typically, reps need to prepare presentations by searching for and downloading from a company portal to a laptop or for print. This usually means there is no visibility into what content is being used by the sales team for client interactions.

Whether one-on-one with a prospect or interacting with many leads at a trade show, Enatch allows for effective interactions that can be reviewed with ease.

Custom Appearance

A custom design allows you to build your app to fit the way you do business. The visual interface that your reps use can be easily updated to fit your current needs and objectives. Managers can have peace of mind knowing that reps are using the same content, on-brand, every time.

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Various file types can be housed as collateral within the app, such as pictures, videos, 3D models or PDF files. Reps can directly email content to prospects from within the app. After a conversation, reps may review recorded interactions to understand how to follow up with each prospect.

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Trade Shows

Apps can be branded specifically for conferences and tradeshows. In-App analytics provide valuable insight on how your marketing and products are resonating. Reps can scan badges or business cards to capture leads on-the-spot.

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Meeting with a prospect last minutes can be a challenge. Sales reps won’t waste time looking for content or use outdated material making them prepare for every in-person or virtual meeting. Reps can be guided to materials based on prior company approval for on brand messaging.

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Sharing content directly from within the app is easy. Various file types can be shared to prospects immediately, providing a fully-branded experience. Reps are able to understand their interactions from a content-usage perspective.

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Analytics Dashboard


Post conversation, managers are able to understand what reps are using, and what content is being shared and consumed the most by prospects.

Effective Marketing

Improve your marketing operations and interactions with mobile sales enablement. Management will see increased content usage, an optimized marketing spend, and a strengthened brand message for field reps. Continually provide quick access to the most effective content your direct sales teams and channel partners.

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