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About Us

The Team

Our team has over two decades of experience in the medical device industry, launching blockbuster implants, developing world class logistics software enhanced by artificial intelligence to create the most efficient process to deploy medical devices today.

Peter Verrillo

Founder and CEO

Mike Phipps

Founder and CCO

Devin White

Founder and CTO

Leo Reubelt

Head of Mobile Development

Norm Heger

Account Executive

Jon Nickle

Lead Developer and Implementation Specialist

Trent White

Director of Support Services

Ryan Phillips

Software Developer

Ranjan Jayapal

Software Developer

Jessica Martin

Product Deployment Engineer

The Story of Enhatch

Started in 2012, Enhatch was born out of founders Peter Verrillo and Mike Phipps’ real-life challenges in developing and commercializing implants and instruments for the Stryker Corporation. As they built their knowledge-base, they simultaneously began building the foundation of their inventory product, initially targeting medical device distributors.

In 2015, Enhatch acquired Surgisoft, the most advanced medical device inventory management solution in the industry. Since then, Enhatch has built the industry’s most comprehensive Patient-Driven Technology™ platform enabling device manufacturers and sales teams to easily access the most relevant education materials, patient-specific planning software, inventory controls, sales management tools, and financial reporting.

Our Investors