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Lead Capture

Easily capture leads in the field where reps sell.  At shows and meetings, automatically capture badges or cards to your lead funnel

Sales Training

When you have a large outside sales team, it’s imperative to keep them fully trained and updated on the sales playbook

Activity management

Track every interaction with prospects and deals.  Emails, texts or calls.  Set meetings, reminders and collaborate with your team

Sales Engagement 

Managing the latest and greatest product announcements, line extensions and sales collateral w/ interactive web/mobile catalogs for reps and customers


Get a real time view of your revenue and pipeline, for sales reps and management to ensure the team stays to objective

closing the sale

Drag all of your proposal generators, value calculators or estimators into your mobile app to help reps close deals in the field with the customer

Filling Your Pipeline

One of the most important part of a sales reps job is their initial meeting with a potential client. Through scanning a badge at a trade show, to creating a contact that you can then qualify, Enhatch transforms this first interaction into contacts that you can easily reach and update.

Working Your Deals

Another crucial part of a sales reps job is to update their clients and stay organized after making connections. Using Enhatch, you can follow up on these leads in a simple manner through leaving notes and creating opportunities, while also managing your priorities and activities.

Managing Your Team

Between attending trade shows to having meetings with clients, Enhatch strives to simplify sales reps' lives, while simultaneously making sales management efficient. On the app, reps can track leads through the sales pipeline, connect with other team members, and send news updates to their organization.

get conquer or convey

Enhatch offers a number of flexible options for our customers, from Small Teams to Enterprise 


$ 35

  • per user/month, paid annually
  • up to 10 users
  • Conquer - Badge and Card Scanner, Lead Funnel Management, Full Offline Capability
  • Convey - Real Time Synchronization, PDF, Video, Audio, CD Content, Fully Offline Capability



$ 50

  • per user/month, paid annually
  • up to 100 users
  • Conquer - Basic Plus Opportunity Management and Team Collaboration
  • Convey - Basic Plus Custom Offline Forms, iOS and Webview


more complex needs? 
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  • per user/month, paid annually
  • > 100 users
  • Conquer and Convey integrated for a unified platform
  • Single Sign On Capability, Branded Apps, Enterprise Hierarchy and Management, Sales Operations Dashboard and Closed Loop Sales and Marketing

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