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Delivering the

Intelligent Surgery Platform

for the Musculoskeletal Industry.

An end-to-end solution that powers the design and delivery of standard and patient-specific implants from pre-operative planning to the surgical theatre.


Mobile Planning

Artificial Intelligence

Patient Specific


Inventory Control

Sales Management

Financial Excellence


Marketing Collateral

Surgeon Product Training

Patient Education

Enhatch develops Fit2Kit™ for medical device manufacturers and orthopedic surgeons

The Intelligent Surgery™ Platform

uses artificial intelligence to enhance implant design, expedite surgical technique, optimize inventory logistics, and simplify clinical workflows by connecting and learning from patient data during each step of the surgical care continuum.

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Grow revenue and improve margins

Medical device manufacturers who do not adopt a patient-specific technology platform will spend 400% on each implant procedure. Based on a 300 surgical set launch, the manufacturer will pay in excess of $25MM over the next five years.

Surgical set launch

spend increase

excess over 5 years

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