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Real-time inventory management and field logistics management

Our partnership with Enhatch has been truly remarkable. Their innovative solutions and dedicated support have significantly boosted our operations. We have seen a remarkable acceleration in our team's output, and their expertise has been instrumental in our company's growth.

Mike Montgomery, Vice President
New Age Medical

For the past 15 years, Enhatch has been an indispensable partner in my orthopedic distribution business, playing a crucial role in our growth and success. Their commitment to continuous improvement, personalized service, and adaptability to industry changes has made them integral to our operations. Beyond offering incredible hands-on customer service and quick response times, Enhatch's seamless integration with third-party systems has significantly streamlined our processes and reduced duplication efforts. Moreover, their reporting capabilities have made weekly and monthly reporting effortless. The well-organized layout of Enhatch's system not only ensures easy navigation but also contributes to an enhanced overall user experience, solidifying Enhatch as a comprehensive and invaluable asset to our thriving business.

James Vert , CEO
JTS Surgical Innovations
Sales Order Management

Streamline surgery scheduling

Accelerate payment cycles

Pre-operative Planning
Sales reps or back-office team can enter and view upcoming surgeries, enter sales orders, decrement inventory, automatically pull list and customer pricing.
Get automatic recommendations for surgical kits based on surgeons's history of use.
Post-surgery, reps can upload images of patient labels and get hospital approvals easily, leading to shorter payment cycles. App works offline and syncs data when online.
Inventory Management

Improve set utilization with end-to-end visibility and intelligent forecasting

Last-mile visibility allows you to track field set utilization to optimize inventory and cover more surgeries efficiently.
Our Al-based analytics help you learn seasonal trends, and accurately plan for orders, new sets, and replenishments ahead of time.
Stay compliant with regulations with real-time knowledge of field product transfer and inventory usage.
Executive Dashboard
Kitting Management

Reduce kit build and inspection times by up to 80%

Personalize business precesses
Intuitive touch-screen based application to speed up kit inspection and build times.
User-friendly dashboard offers visibility into kit availability, replenishments, and inspection status.
Inspection reports are automatically generated to save time and resources.