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The B2B Technology Landscape is an ever changing environment with new options to increase your companies performance. This resource is for you, our current and prospective customers, please reach out to our customer success team if you have any questions.

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What is Sales Enablement?

Defining and simplifying B2B’s most urgent initiative.
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The Challenge

B2B organizations have long had difficulty streamlining the processes to help sales teams succeed. Sales enablement is an all-encompassing solution to the challenges surrounding content management, personalization and accessibility. Without automating these processes, scalability is impossible for B2B organizations.

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What is It?

Sales Enablement is “a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer’s problem-solving lifecycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.” via Forrester Or more simply, improve the performance and productivity of your sales organization

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Who Uses It?

Sales enablement benefits B2B sales and marketing organizations that suffer from inefficient content creation, personalization, and delivery processes. These organizations also tend to have little to no visibility into content usage and performance (both internally and externally).

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Why Prioritize it?

An average of 65% of content is never used by sales reps.

It Helps Sales Reps Engage with Educated Buyers. Today’s buying process is customer-led. Salespeople can keep up by tailoring interactions to each specific buyer through personalization—and according to Demand Metric, 61% of organizations are personalizing content at some level.

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Increase Sales Effectiveness!

Sales Enablement technology, like Enhatch, streamlines the personalization of content by your salesforce, to your customers.

It Sends Sales Effectiveness Through the Roof and companies who adopt sales enablement tools or services are realizing greater than 50% increase in improved sales, year after year.

The Four Elements of Sales Productivity

Sales is evolving, technology is changing, and customer habits and expectations are not the same as they were a decade ago. The World is going mobile and businesses are more competitive than ever before.
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Simplify the Workflow

CHALLENGE Rep goes through their typical day and at night updates the CRM with all their activities.

SOLUTION After every meeting, demo or phone call, the rep is prompted to qualify that call, leave a note or create a task to follow up, all within a few seconds. Software should make us better sales people.

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Enhanced Mobility and Reliability

CHALLENGE If the technology does not work when the rep first tries the app, there is a 30% chance that rep will never get to full adoption. It’s a trust issue, their time is valuable and do not wast time on bad tech.

SOLUTION Mobile applications that integrate the key workflows a rep performs everyday. With a sophisticated offline synchronization, reps can rely on the fact that the work they do will always work.

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Integrated to your Data

CHALLENGE How much of your sales information is stored in random Excel files on your rep’s desktop or in apps like evernote.

SOLUTION Getting valuable sales data into your Customer Relationship Management database is critical as your organization grows, engages more customers and builds the sales engine. Seamless connectivity to your custom objects and views creates tremendous value.

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Leverage Push Notifications

CHALLENGE Reps can get busy with closing deals and forget to keep their pipeline alive. Too often does a rep have their worst quarter right after their best.

SOLUTION Technology can accurately and reliably notice delays in reaching out to a prospect and gently remind the rep to catch up with a prospect.

What does Operational Excellence look like?

Inventory, orders, customers and finances in a single system. Gain the efficiency and insight needed to accelerate growth and profits.
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Configure, Quote and Order

CURRENT PROCESS Are your reps guessing at prices, making proposals in powerpoint and fumbling through the sales process.

STATE OF THE ART No matter where the location or access to the internet, native applications designed to work fully offline can handle these processes rapidly.

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Deliver, Accept and Sign

CURRENT PROCESS Many companies are still filling out and processing millions of tons of paper every year, requiring duplication of efforts, first when writing it down, then when copying it back into the enterprise databases.

STATE OF THE ART Data collection can be easy if your software filters the relevant information to the users. Making it easy to capture this info in the field reduces the need for duplicative data entry back at HQ.

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Workflow Coordination

CURRENT PROCESS Phone calls, emails, faxes and voicemails, just to coordinate the basic business processes of your business.

STATE OF THE ART When Mobile and Web applications are designed to complement eachother, a 5 minute phone call can be replaced with a Swipe, Tap, Accept and Confirm. Over 90% of traditional processes can be eliminated with improved user interfaces that make your company run more efficiently.

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Reporting, Dashboards, Analytics

CURRENT PROCESS Microsoft Access, Excel, CSV’s, Macros and Worksheets. Sometimes even Whiteboards and Post-It Notes, but don’t feel bad about this, it’s not your fault.

STATE OF THE ART Deeply customizable reports and real-time dashboards show all field and inventory activity at a glance. These simple and clean dashboards give your teams instant access to the data most important to them. Configure, automate and share dashboards with management to take the headache out of reporting.

All-in-One Sales Platform

Enhatch is a Next Generation Technology for Leading teams. Start with the full platform or deploy module by module as your company evolves into a modern selling organization.

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