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Intelligent Surgery Blog Series Flowchart

The Evolution of Intelligent Surgery™

Introduction to a blog series Intelligent Surgery™ by Enhatch. Enhatch provides end-to-end solutions for challenges across the surgical care continuum in Orthopedics.

Building AI on Health Data Banner

Building Artificial Intelligence on Health Data

Health technology can transform orthopedic care to meet the growing demand. Orthopedic care can be more efficient using advanced technology like artificial intelligence; however, artificial intelligence is built on health data, and access to health data is limited.

Growing Artificial Intelligence Powered Inventory Computer

Growing Artificial Intelligence-Powered Medical Device Inventory Logistics

The orthopedic supply chain is not at maximum productivity; rather, it is inconsistent, expensive, and complex. Artificial intelligence can orchestrate the flow of the right inventory to the right parties by seamlessly accessing, prioritizing, and allocating inventory information across the network.

Patient Apps Wearables Arm

Channeling Information from Patient Apps and Wearables

This article is part of Enhatch’s blog series on Intelligent Surgery™. Enhatch is changing the way devices communicate with each other across the surgical care continuum.

The Current Generation of Surgical Robots Arm

The Current Generation of Surgical Robots

Surgical robots came with the digital era, as orthopedic surgeons and device manufacturers raced to bring advanced technology systems into the operating room. Part of our vision of Intelligent Surgery™ is seamless communication between older devices and surgical robots.

The Dawn of Surgical Navigation Implant

The Dawn of Surgical Navigation

Prenavigation systems improve surgical site visibility and accuracy of implant positioning. Computer-assisted navigation systems are a move towards digitizing surgery.

Redesigning Surgical Training and Planning Implant

Redesigning Surgical Training and Planning with Virtual Reality

Surgical training has been redesigned with the advent of virtual reality, which recreates the operating room for safe learning and can help device compliance. Patient specific 3D models that can be manipulated in virtual reality are the future of surgical planning.

Ushering in Patient Specific Implants and Instruments

Ushering in Patient Specific Implants and Instruments

The standard treatment plan paradigm has shifted away, ushering a new era of patient specific implants and instruments. Standard implants and instruments are outdated by their many limitations. From a 3D model of the patient’s anatomy, artificial intelligence-powered software can design a custom implant that will simplify surgical technique and improve patient outcomes.

Reimagining Surgical Planning Knee

Reimagining Surgical Planning

Reimagining Surgical Planning is part of Enhatch’s blog series on Intelligent Surgery™. Enhatch is changing the way orthopedic surgeons plan their procedures.

Enhatch Develops Fit2Kit™ Patient-Driven Technology Platform For Medical Device Manufacturers And Orthopedic Surgeons

Patient-Driven Technology Platform Powers The Design and Delivery Of Standard And Patient-Specific Orthopedic Implants. HOBOKEN, NJ — March 08, 2018 — Enhatch, a patient-driven technology and software company, today announced the release of Fit2Kit™, an end-to-end solution that enables medical device manufacturers and orthopedic surgeons to easily access the most relevant education materials, patient-specific planning…
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