3D Printing: Transforming Medical Devices & Healthcare

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is transforming medical devices and healthcare. It's making everything from PSIs to entire organs.

What is virtual surgical planning in Orthopedics for PSIs?

Virtual surgical planning, also known as preoperative planning, uses X-rays or CT scans to generate digital 3D anatomic models, as well as patient-specific implants and instruments.

3D-Printed implants for surgery: The ultimate guide

Read the ultimate guide for 3D-printed implants for orthopedic surgeries. Learn all the benefits, processes, and hurdles involved with patient-specific solutions.

3D segmentation for patient-specific solutions, now with AI

AI and machine learning algorithms can make 3D segmentation for patient-specific solutions faster, more accurate, and cost-effective, benefiting surgeons, patients, and medical device companies.

The role of patient-specific instruments in orthopedics

Patient-specific surgical instruments have marked a significant advancement in the approach to personalized treatment in Orthopedics bringing significant benefits to all involved in the OR.